Upcoming Court of Honor

Hello Troop 648

We have our Spring, 2018 Court of Honor coming up next week, Tuesday February 20th. Thank you if you volunteered to bring an item (food, service ware, drinks, etc) to help celebrate. We appreciate it.

Also, we wanted to share what we have planned in terms of Merit Badges and Rank advancements. Please check over our list below. We will be awarding anything earned since the last Court which was on October 17, 2017. If you have transferred from another troop, we may only be presenting what rank or blue card was turned into us since you joined. We can work with you to present other items if you let us know (assuming they haven’t already been presented at a previous Court). It is possible that your Scout advanced through more than one rank. If that is the case, we will be presenting both ranks.

Please notify us of any changes by 5:00pm on Saturday. If we don’t connect by then, not to worry. We can catch what we miss at the next Court (June 12, 2018).

Finally, if your Scout is receiving something, yes it is okay to have other family members (or friends) present!

Unfortunately, business calls and I will be out of town for this Court. I wish that wasn’t the case, but I’ll be there in spirit!

Have a great weekend!

Scoutmaster T648


  • Scout: Will Saba, Isaac Engelhardt, Liam Brotherton, Sam Gay, Stephan Beegle, Will Starr
  • Tenderfoot: Michael DeBarros, Ryan Bollimpalli, Chaz Carson, Will Starr
  • 2nd Class: Arjun Blair, Quentin Komar, Ryan Egan
  • 1st Class: Arjun Blair
  • Star: Eric Achor, Ian Achor
  • Life: Aidan Brown

Merit Badges:

  • Aidan Brown: Family Life, Communications
  • Ryan Bollimpalli: Engineering, Cit in Com, Dog Care, Pets, Cooking, Fish & Wildlife Mgmt, Enviro Science
  • Nick Murphy: Personal Mgmt., Family Life
  • Michael DeBarros: Cit in Com, First Aid
  • Ryan Conrad: Cit in Com
  • Drew Achor: Leatherwork
  • Quentin Komar: Motorboating
  • Sean Hart: Personal Mgmt
  • Arjun Blair: Swimming, Cit in Com
  • Sam Gay: First Aid
  • Stephan Beegle: First Aid
  • Ryan Egan: First Aid
  • Jacob Hoberg: Truck Transport, Cit in World, Music
  • Michael McFetters: Camping
  • Will Starr: Swimming, First Aid, Family Life
  • Chaz Carson: Chess, Swimming