***IMPORTANT INFO*** for Troop Camping and Canoeing Trip this Weekend, Sept 21 – 23

Hello Troop 648

If you are attending the base camp and canoeing outing this weekend to the Dead Horse State Park and Verde River area, please be sure to read (especially Scouts) the info below. If you are attending and have not signed up yet, please let me know as soon as possible and be sure to also sign up on Scoutbook.

  • Forecasted temps on Saturday will be 91ËšF for a high and 65ËšF for the low. Nice weather, but still hot.
  • Bring a lot of drinking water
  • Bring a lot of drinking water
  • Bring a lot of drinking water
  • Don’t forget sunscreen/sun protection including a wide brim hat
  • If your Scout doesn’t know a ‘thwart’ from a ‘gunnel’ please have him read and study this
  • If  your Scout doesn’t know how to ‘portage’ please have him watch this short video
  • If your Scout doesn’t know the basic canoe strokes and how to propel, turn, stop, etc, have him watch this video
  • Have your Scout bring a daypack as they will need one on the float. There will be some portaging (carrying the canoe from navigable water to navigable water). If they are carrying a canoe on their shoulders and have 27 other miscellaneous things with them and no daypack, it will be challenging :o).
  • Expect 3-4 hours floating/portaging, so manage necessary water. If it were me, I’d bring about 2-4 liters per hour.
  • If you are anywhere near the water (on shore, on the water, in the canoe, etc.), you MUST be wearing a PFD. No exceptions.
  • Buddy system at all times on and near the water. No exceptions.
  • Remind your Scout that they will need to bring water with them on Saturday for the river float and best to carry some snacks
  • Be sure to have your Scout bring shoes that can get wet. They should not canoe shoeless due to the portaging.
  • If your Scout was assigned to purchase the food for their patrol, please let me know as soon as you can
  • Cost to be finalized, but plan for around $25 for gas (we have two trailers instead of one) and about $15-$20 for patrol food
  • Scouts attending (let me know if your Scout on this list is NOT attending): Brotherton, Carson C, Carson D, Hart, Komar, Proctor, Starr
  • Adults attending: Cole, Gay, Komar, Weinhold

Should be a great time! Contact me with any questions.

Mr. McFetters - Assistant Scoutmaster


Picture taken and colorized from early Verde River voyage sometime in the 1850s…Commercial fishing has since rendered the river mostly for pleasure floats now.

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