Troop Activity Meeting

Troop 648,

Tomorrow is our monthly Troop Activity Meeting. This takes place at 6:00 PM the second Tuesday of every month. This is mainly for adult leaders and volunteers. At this meeting we usually discuss the last outing, the upcoming outing for that month, and the next outing for the next month. It’s good to have the adult leaders for those outings to help to learn, prepare and plan for the upcoming outings to make sure the Scouts have the best chance for a successful event. Other special event leaders are encouraged to come as well; Courts of Honor, Eagle Projects, Summer Camp, etc. Another good example of that is the upcoming Pancake Breakfast. All those involved in helping to plan that event should try to make the next 2-3 Troop Activity Meetings so that we can help to organize and put out word for the event’s specifics.

On a second note for tomorrow – the regular Scout meeting at 7:00 PM will hold at least 2 if not more Boards of Review for Advancement. I have already had 3-4 adult leaders who usually are able to attend have other obligations. I would like to have a strong showing of available Adults at the beginning of the meeting, so that we can assure we have enough leaders able to cover the Scouts requests. If we have enough at the beginning I won’t ask everyone to stay, but if we are short adults we may not be able to have some Scouts get their advancement awards next week. Thanks in advance for everyone’s continued support.

Mr Blair

Troop 648 Scoutmaster