Hello Scouts!


We’re excited to invite you to our first ever ScoutCon event at the Heard Scout Pueblo at South Mountain in Phoenix!  ScoutCon is Scout focused gaming convention with tabletop games, board games, card games, outdoor games, and even a Cosplay and costume competition!  We will also host Game Design and Chess merit badge workshops, as well as tutorials on how to play Magic the Gathering and Pokemon trading card games, culminating in a tournament on Saturday.  It’s all fun and games at ScoutCon, on top of a night of camping!

You can come individually or with your patrol or troop, so feel welcome to invite your friends as this is an overnight provisional troop event. You can choose to either camp outdoors or spend a night in a bunk at the Heard.  We encourage you to bring your favorite games to share and teach others, and to leave the electronics at home so you can join the fun and games at the Heard! 

There is no need to bring your class As or field uniform, but we welcome you to bring and wear costumes and hope you enter the Cosplay contest on Saturday. Costumes will be judged on creativity, conformity to lore, story, and hero. No true weapons allowed, so leave those battle axes and swords at home! There will be tournaments and cosplay contests for both Scouts and Adults.

ScoutCon! Sessions offers two camping experiences over spring break:  

Session #1 March 15-16 – Friday 7:00PM-Saturday 4:30PM

Session #2 March 22-23 – Friday 7:00PM-Saturday 4:30PM

Camp Fees:   $30.00 paid by March 8th – Tent camping

                        $35.00 paid by March 8th – Bunk in the Pueblo

  $25.00 paid by March 8th – Mission Support- Those who would like to assist at the event during part of the time. You must be 16 and First Class.

                       * Fees increase by $5.00 after March 9th.

* fees include Cracker-barrel snacks, Breakfast, Lunch, games, tournaments, supplies and camping fees.

For more information, our ScoutCon brochure and schedule can be downloaded here.

Registration can be found at https://scoutingevent.com/010-2019ScoutCon

We hope to see you there! If you have any questions, please feel welcome to contact us at:

Lynda Hale                  630-631-2871    [email protected]  

Donna Kutarnia           480-330-8810    [email protected]