Follow Up on Michael McFetters’ Eagle Project

Michael recently dropped off the gear he and everyone worked so hard on for his Eagle Project for Soldier’s Best Friend. I would like to share with you the Thank you note from the director of the

Good morning Michael,
Your project will definitely help our veteran/dog teams! The equipment you have provided for them to use will help them work on their confidence as a team, focus on cues and skill building. Plus, it is just plain fun! The heavy duty shelving units for our Tuff Shed are greatly appreciated, too. They will help keep our supplies and equipment organized and neat. 
I should also mention that we just started a pilot program for graduate training. One of the classes we are offering will primarily use agility equipment. Your timing is perfect. The trainer and teams in that class will greatly appreciate the new equipment.
From the photos you sent, it looks like you had fun building it, and had a great team of people helping you. Please thank your Boy Scout Troop and anyone else who may have helped you with your project for me. 
You should be very proud of the funding you raised for your project. The money you did not use, and have given to SBF, will be put to very good use. It will help provide training, veterinary care, and training equipment for some of our in-training teams. 
Thank you so much for your perseverance and dedication to this project. I hope you know that your hard work is going to help change many lives for the better, both human and canine. Job well done!
With sincere gratitude,
Brenda Meir | Executive Director | Soldier’s Best FriendPh: 623.218.648614505 N. 75th Ave.Peoria, AZ 85381