This week’s Troop Meeting (4/14/2020)

WOW!!!!!! What a great success this week’s Troop Meeting was. It was so good to see everyone’s smiling healthy faces! We had State Senator Heather Carter as a guest speaker. It was very informative, as well as educational (some of it for Senator Carter). Than you to all who participated, for all the great questions, and for everyone being on their best video-conferencing behavior. Because of the success of this meeting, we are planning to perform similar meetings for at least the next 2 weeks. I’ll be looking for volunteers from the Patrols to lead these meetings. Pirates were in charge of this past one, so I will be asking the other 3 patrols to start thinking of some ideas. Once we know who and what, I’ll send an e-mail to everyone with info and the link to the meeting. Let’s remember to actively be looking into things to do for Rank advancements, Merit Badges, and good deeds, as well as the homework assignment of finding out what Legislative District you live in, and who your State Senator and Congresspeople are. We’ll be asking that at the next meeting. Continue to stay well and be safe 648!

Mr Blair