Summer Camp

Good evening,

I am greatly disappointed that for now the second time this month, I must pass on news of the cancellation of one of our marquee summer programs this year. I have learned on this day that the West LA County Council, which operates Camp Emerald Bay, has announced that they will not be able to open for the remainder of the 2020 summer camp season.

Ultimately governed by the State of California, the WLACC has been unable to come to terms with the State on operating practices that would allow the camp to open, given the ongoing pandemic.

This news is fairly new and so I do not yet have all of the details. As was the case with the cancellation of Philmont, I will work through the process with the camp of obtaining refunds for camp. I do not know the time frame on this just yet, but will keep everyone apprised as I work through this over the next several days.

Without question, this has been a difficult and virtually unprecedented year in so many different ways. In spite of this set back, we will continue on and work our way back to normalcy in some manner. Though it will ultimately be the choice of our Scouts, I imagine we will likely plan to head back to Emerald Bay in 2021.

I will follow up soon with some more specific information when I have it, but did want to get this initial update out to everyone.


Jacob R Benyi, Committee Chair