Colby’s Upcoming Eagle Project

Dear troop 648,
 Hello again everyone.  I hope all is well and that you have all been able to stay safe and healthy! I wanted to inform you all of my Eagle Project in which I have been working hard. While I know I’m ‘the new guy’ and that I haven’t had the chance to spend much individual time with each of you, I would like to solicit your help and would love to see you all there; with hope that I can repay it and pay it forward in the future to another Scout.

 We will, due to the heat factor, be working earlier in the day. We will be working along side the maintenance staff as we lay rocks along side a trail.  The project will involve amouring the sides of the ET bed with 4-6″ rip-rap rocks. This project must be done by hand because the rocks need to be placed on the sloped side. We will be working at the Four Peaks Trailhead, located just past the entry station on the right (there is signage). This project involves no trail work.  
We will have water onsite, but please feel free to bring plenty of cold water and Gatorade to keep yourselves hydrated. I highly recommend good leather or heavy-duty gloves for this work.  Please also plan to wear hats, not plan to wear open-toed shoes, and use lots of sunscreen.   I’ll have some with me, too, to share if you forget.
Specific Information:
  Place- Four peaks trailhead  Time- 6 AM  Date- Wednesday 08/5/20  Possibly Thursday 08/6/20; as needed and if we don’t finish on Wednesday.What to wear-  Closed toed shoes  Shorts and shirts  GlassesWhat to bring-  Sunscreen  Gloves (leather)  Hats  Masks (for COVID)
We will have a cooler with ice, waters, and Gatorade. We will also be supplying snacks.
Thank you for your time, and I can’t wait to see you all there!
-Colby Heuser