Lake Mead Bike Outing

Oh no! Chubby’s Subs in Wickenburg was permanently closed, so instead of chicken Phillies, we had Burger King Whoppers, then headed north on Hwy 93 for Boulder Beach until we didn’t. After sitting at a road closure north of town for 1/2 hour we were finally detoured west by the police due to the terrible accident, and we were now faced with getting to Nevada by way of California. We made it to Parker about the time we should have been hitting camp.  We stopped at Running Man Fuel for a bathroom stop, but their bathrooms were closed until further notice. So it was on to Terribles Chevron, which, glory be the sign said, was completely closed for 20 minutes (20 minutes?). So we headed north for Needles all the while looking for a bush big enough to shield all of us. One truck had started late after a football game (he won!), and with their not stopping for dinner and going up the Arizona side of the Colorado river while we went up the California/Nevada side, we all converged at Boulder Beach campground at the same time – 12:51 Saturday morning, and were in tents asleep about an hour later.  What’s a T648 outing without some sort of a travel adventure!?

The day dawned crisp and bright a few short hours later, and after pancakes, bacon, sausage and eggs, the troop was ready to seize the day. A bike ride along the 4 mile (one way) stretch of the old railroad between Boulder City and the dam was invigorating, with beautiful elevated views of the lake, and 5 tunnels through parts of the surrounding mountains to get there. Thankful for no broken bones this trip, just a couple of bicycle mechanical casualties that simply resulted in some walking rather than riding, everyone agreed that the day’s main event was a success.  Since yesterday had spilled significantly into today, it was also agreed that it was now high time for some naps. The cool air and warm sun provided the perfect opportunity to get in forty winks before dinner.

And what a dinner it was!  I don’t know if you are yet the beneficiaries of your scouts’ budding culinary masterpieces, but dinner for the boys this trip consisted of dutch oven sour cream chicken enchiladas and dutch oven brownies for dessert. Absolutely creative, and Mmmmm good!  Not to be outdone, the adults celebrated one leader’s 50th birthday in rare style (although the 2-inch thick chops were not rare – simply ovened to perfection)!

All in all, another outstanding excursion!  Not to be outdone, other scouts are planning next month’s outing which will be a Family Campout at another lake much closer to the valley – Lake Pleasant.  Come join us for a ‘pleasant’ way to spend a weekend outdoors with some most excellent young men! 

Easy Riders x 4
Riding the Boulder City RR Trail
4 Musketeers? 4 Stooges? 4 Peas in a Pod? 4 Scouts in Arms!
Those horses were ridden hard, and put up wet!
Fit & 50!
Enchilada heaven – dutch oven style!
Sunrise in Paradise!
Yet another Thorns & Roses with a parcity of thorns