Return to Camp Geronimo!

Thanks to our beloved Camp Geronimo remaining in the Grand Canyon Council of BSA rather than being sold off as part of the national settlement, this summer our T648 scouts had the opportunity to once again relive troop history in the shadow of the Mogollon Rim. And what an absolutely awesome week it was!

14 men set sail that day for a 7 day tour, a 7 day tour.
Is this a stickup? No, just a stylish T648 withdrawal from the sugar bank!
Deep in the midst of the ‘Blow up Coke bottle’ merit badge’
The dueling boats scene from the Academy Award winning ‘On Brown Pond’
I’m not familiar with the merit badge containing the fine art of stick bending!
We are aware however, that the Geronimo red dirt merit badge includes a hint of archaeology
Lunch! That awesome part of the day when merit badges are over, and open periods begin!!
Troop 648’s Senior Patrol Leader remained fortified all week on the famous cucumber diet
Yes, Mom. T648 scouts actually can, and do clean up after themselves 🙂
With BSA Girl Troops in camp, it was just like they said in Ghostbusters – ‘Dogs and Cats – Mass Hysteria!’ Friday night dinner turned into a song and dance party.
Give boy scouts a board, a rope and some time, and it turns into hours of fun.
T648 history remains perfect at 100% by achieving the ‘Big G with GOLD Recognition’ award for the week!
Geronimo and T648 were blessed with 3 generations of Gingrich scouts and scouters.
Last day of Camp Geronimo, the scouts were running on their last ounce of energy.
Moms and families have had long weeks too – Welcome home T648 scouts, well done!