Men Return From The North Country

I will begin by extending Birthday wishes go Joe Cooper this week.  Happy Birthday Joe!

We had a great cold-weather-camp outing this past weekend.  The Scouts did a great job of utilizing the skills that Mr. Parizek, JR Andrews and a few of the Senior boys’ lectured on these past few meetings.  I believe that everyone was pleasantly surprised at, with adequate preparation, how much fun we actually had.  The cold temperature was really not an issue.  The diesel truck; well that’s another story.  “In an operation this size you have to expect a few casualties.”  “Fun, fun, fun till my Daddy took the T-Bird away”.  “Watch out for that……….tree!!  Kyle has three broken bones in his right foot; Metatarsals 2,3.&4  Crutches today, pain meds tonight and a cast tomorrow.

The final numbers are in for this seasons’ gift wrapping and it appears that the Scouts earned nearly ten dollars per hour, tax free.  Outstanding job men!!

Re-Charter time is upon us once again.  Details to follow at this weeks meeting.

See you tomorrow evening…….Mr. Martin