Jamb-O-Rama 2010

Greetings from Philadelphia,

Congratulations once again to all the Scouts and Adults that received awards during the Court of Honor last Tuesday evening.  Thanks for your participation which made for a successful evening.

I attended a training session on Thursday evening concerning the Jamb-O-Rama.  Actually the event is also the Grand Canyon Council 100 year Jamboree.  There will be Scouts from across the state attending.  Potentially 130,000 Scouts and their families.  The date for the event is April 9-11 and will be held at Tumbleweed Park in Chandler (McQueen and Germann).  The venue is a 450 acre park and is quite a ways south of town.  The challenge, of course, was to secure a facility that will accommodate large numbers.  The council tried to secure the PIR; not possible with the race schedule.  Friday and Sunday are actually dates scheduled for Scout booth set-up and disassemble.  Saturday is the event day.  This is a must attend for every Scout and Leader.  There will be celebrities, bands, events and great closing show on Saturday evening.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime event!  And, as Mr. Butler mentioned.  Patches!!  Parking will be a challenge so, I suggest that we set up a car-pool program and travel together.  Our Scouts that are attending the National Jamboree will be participants with a camp display with Mr. Butler’ Troop.  Now, ticket sales.  This event will replace Scout-O-Rams this year,  that is one of our fund raisers.  We need to decide quickly if this is a fund raiser that we want to participate in.  I believe that the tickets will an easy sell for the event.  I will submit the paperwork to see if there are any stores are available.  There is an incentive.  If you participated in the recent Scout-O-Rama your percentage of the ticket sold is 25% greater!  More money for your account.

Great job on the Fish Fry last night.  As a reminder, if you are not planning to attend the Family Campout please consider helping on that Friday night.  Again,  as a reminder, Class A’s for adults and Class B’s for scouts.  See you Tuesday evening.

Take care and God Bless………..Mr. Martin