Great Job!!

Scouts, Leaders and Parents,

Outstanding job on the Pancake Breakfast fund raiser!  This event has become a valuable tradition for us.  Thank you for all the participation from our many Scout families.  Just as a reminder, there is a difference in where the donations are deposited for this event.  Unlike Scout-o-Rama, donations and tips collected are to be deposited in the general fund to be divided among the Scouts who worked at the event.  So, if you have collected any of these funds plan to turn them over to Mr. Parizek this evening.

Mr. Butler contacted me and would like us to clean out the Chuck Boxes this evening.  He plans to take all six boxes, repair and paint them.  A great deal for our troop.  So let’s get that done right away this evening.  See you tonight.

Take care and God Bless……Mr. Martin