Webelos Weekend Commitments

Good Evening,

As I listen to the rain tonight, I am thankful that the 10 day forecast for Scottsdale has 0% chance of rain on the 7th.  Not for us, as I know we’d do great in the rain, but for our guests, the Webelos, who will be joining us next week.  It is shaping up to be another great event, as we have tentative confirmations back from 18 Webelos and their families with 3 Packs still to report.  Many thanks to Mikey, JR and your PLC for the terrific job of marketing this event to local Packs.  Here’s where your leadership needs your help.

Tuesday night PLC at 6PM – all leaders must attend.  We will need to plan as usual for the subsequent month, but it is imperative that we finalize attendance, materials needed, roles, skits, meal planning, etc for the Webelos weekend as last night was sparsely attended by older scouts – understandably as it was due to the holiday.  We also would request that every boy in the troop that will attend the outing also attend the troop meeting on Tuesday.  Scout skill roles, meal planning, and campfire skits will all be finalized by patrol, and everyone needs to be comfortable with their roles and understand what remains to be completed.  This is our opportunity to be an outstanding representation of Boy Scouts to these Cubs, and I am confident that we will do just as good a job this year as we did with the 20 boys and their families who visited us on this outing last year.

With your commitment to uphold the Scout Oath and Law, I look forward to a wonderful week of preparation for and execution of the 2011 T648 Webelos Weekend

Mr. Cole