Skits Needed and General Announcements

Hello everyone,

As we discussed at the last meeting, all of the patrols were not exactly ready to go on their webelos activities. But thanks to running the small scale versions, we found out some flaws and hopefully we will be able to go over them on the 4th.  On this Tuesdays meeting, we need all the boys who are planning on attending the outing to come. We also want every scout who comes to the meeting to bring at least one idea for a skit(make sure it is a skit that your patrol would be able to do). Also, every boy who was at the meeting on the 28th and is going on the outing, please remember everything you think needed improvement on your webelos activities and tell your patrol leader about it.

Remember everyone that we need to work together as a troop and as patrols to make this outing a success, so be prepared and come ready to plan!

Thank you,