Happy New T648 Year

Welcome back to your more normal routines!  Hopefully you all have had a wonderful holiday season, but are ready to get back into school, music, sports, scouts, homework – you know, business as usual.  Remember that we have PLC tomorrow night at 6PM, with a focus on the month of February, but we’ll also need to do some fine tuning for this weekend.  Our troop meeting at 7PM will be consumed with final preparations (scout skills materials and roles, skits, meal planning) for the outing coming up 1/7-1/9, so we’ll need your help and attention.  Sounds like we’ll have up to 20 cub scouts spending at least part of the day on the 8th with us, and there is a chance of sprinkles.  Lots of opportunities to ‘Be Prepared!’

See you tomorrow night…

Mr. Cole