Fishing, Crossing and Digging

Good afternoon!

Many thanks for your flexibility last week, as we had to move to Cactus Park for our troop meeting.  An excellent breadcrumb trail was left, allowing even a prospective scout to find us by seeing the notes left at church, and meeting up with us at the park.  Friday’s fish fry service project was very well staffed, we had a most inspiring crossover Arrow of Light ceremony for our newest scout, Mr. Chadwick, and a terrific number of scouts participated in the two day Archeological merit badge facilitated by Mr. Traynor.  Things be happenin’ in T648!

Tomorrow night is the troop meeting, with an early opportunity for whipping and fusing training from Mr. Butler at 6PM.  We have another fish fry service project opportunity this Friday, but stay tuned for an update on the shed painting on 4/2, as we may have to reschedule.  Scout-O-Rama is  4/9, and I would highly recommend all scouts attend.  It is a great way to practice fire-by-friction techniques in the T648 booth, and to enjoy a wealth of other scouting skills experiences provided by scores of other troops and packs in adjacent booths.

A major opportunity for fundraising for all boys is the pancake breakfast on 4/30.  From selling tickets, bringing in silent auction items, and working the event itself – the boys can historically earn up to $200 through active participation in selling, contributing items, and working.  We will be successful if everyone pitches in, and it can certainly help defray the cost of summer camp – for which, the second payment is coming due later this week.  

Don’t forget the Ballantine Trail backpack coming up in two and a half weeks.  For many of us, we’re really, truly in scouts for the outings!  Thanks for your support, and we’ll see you tomorrow night.

Mr. Cole