Tenderfoot Skill Opportunity!

Good morning

A reminder that Mr. Butler will be teaching Tenderfoot requirement 4a at the church on Tuesday night 6PM, March 29th, before our troop meeting.  If the youth room is not open, he will be at the picnic tables just west of the room.  4a is the scout skill of whipping and fusing ropes to prolong their lives, making older ropes more usable as the ends begin to fray.  Please look at the appropriate page (34 in my older scout book) to familiarize yourself prior to the class.  If time remains, Mr. Butler may begin to overview 4b, which is learning to tie a couple of useful hitch knots.  All boys who need this requirement, or would like a refresher in whipping and fusing for an upcoming board of review are welcome to attend.

Mr. Cole