Packing and Baskets

Good evening,

As announced Tuesday night, the backpacking outing into the Superstitions will assemble at 5PM Friday night the 15th in the Blessed Sacrament parking lot back by the shed, and will return around noon on Sunday the 17th.  For those less experienced, if you need equipment (packs, especially), ensure you are talking with your patrol leader, or with your Quartermaster – C. Williams.  The troop does have some equipment which it can loan you, but coordinate through your leadership team.  Buddy up with someone else that is going to share a tent – you can split the weight between you.  Ensure you have enough layers of clothes, water bottles, snack food and freeze dried food to hydrate with hot water from JetBoil stoves (the adults and older scouts will share their stoves and water purifying equipment).  Check the backpack checklist on the website – or with your patrol leader.  Remember – be prepared!  It will be high 70’s during the day, but quite chilly at night.

We also need the patrols to be working on a theme for their raffle baskets, and then everyone to pitch in with obtaining donations for their basket.  The auction/raffle committee is looking for all donations to be returned on 4/26, so time’s a burnin’.  Patrol leaders – communicate the themes to your patrols, so you can begin building around your theme.  And don’t forget to sell sell sell those tickets.  At least 1/2 of the proceeds for each $5 ticket will go directly to the individual scout who sells it – it is your best way to ensure that this is an effective fundraiser for you.  The walk-in tickets and raffle sales will be the gravy on top!

For those of you not going backpacking – we need you at the final fish fry at Blessed Sacrament Friday night.  This has been one of the best years for fish fry participation that I can remember – let’s go out with a bang!

See you Friday night!

Mr. Cole