We’ve seen fire & we’ve seen rain

Good morning

Great participation this past weekend in the rain and the cold!  We had 19 scouts at the fish fry, and almost 40 scouts and support crew the next day at a wet and frigid Scout-O-Rama.  Our booth was one of the busiest, and again earned the ‘crowdpleaser’ ribbon (we actually won all 5 possible ribbons) as cubs through adults first watched our scouts start fires with bows and spindles, and then feverishly worked up steam (or at least tried to work up smoke) under direction of our youth.  With a fallback of magnesium and steel, everyone at least got a cotton ball burning, and left with smiles on their faces.  A special thanks to Mr. H. Kramer who stepped in to help his SPL organize this event upon short notice, and spent the entire day helping attendees with their techniques. 

This week we have the next installment at 6:15 Tuesday for those of you taking Citizenship in the Community merit badge, the troop meeting at 7, our final fish fry this coming Friday, as well as our backpack outing this weekend.  With our second conflict between an outing and a fish  fry this year, please plan to attend one or the other to ensure we have enough coverage for Blessed Sacrament on Friday night.  Looking ahead to the Pancake Breakfast on the 30th, remember that patrols should have themes for baskets determined by this Tuesday, and then begin strategizing on what to include, and how to obtain it.  The tickets will be distributed on Tuesday, and there will be prizes for the top seller and for everyone selling more than 25 tickets.  The scouts will have almost 3 weeks to sell to family, friends, neighbors – anyone who looks like they might benefit from a good pancake breakfast (or would like to support scouting!)

Mr. Benyi will have some announcements on summer camp, the merit badge selection process, and other key items to get us looking forward to our trip to Camp Mataguay.  There will be additional details Tuesday night on our upcoming backpacking outing in the Superstitions, and how to prepare for one.  It will be a short 3-4 miler, coupled with a longer 7-8 miler for some of the older boys.  For those of you new to our troop, there is also a backpacker’s checklist under the ‘documents’ section of our website to give you insight into things to think about.  Highs will be in the 80’s and clear, so it will be a perfect weekend for a backpack!

It’s a great time to be a scout in T648!

Mr. Cole