Annual Recharter 2012


With October here, it is time for our annual recharter effort. Over the next few weeks, we will be collecting the annual dues in order to confirm that each registered family/individual wishes to continue with the Troop next year.

Annual Dues:
$100 per Non-O/A Scout
$110 per O/A Scout
$17 per Non-O/A Adult
$27 per O/A Adult
(Note: O/A = Order of the Arrow; if you are not familiar with what O/A is, then you are not O/A and should not worry about this.)

Dues Schedule:
We would like to ask that all families turn in their dues checks no later than Tuesday, 10/18/11.

Mrs. Traynor will be assisting me with the recharter effort this year; please give checks made out to “Troop 648” to either Mrs. Traynor, Mr. Runberg, or myself. If you would like to pay for your dues out of your Scout Account, please let us know that is your intention.

Training: (Adult Leaders)
As has been announced throughout the year, training is now required by BSA for adult leaders. Please continue to work on finishing up training requirements; Mr. Traynor (Training Chair) will be distributing an updated training matrix shortly. – If you have completed training courses in the past that are not reflected in the matrix, please let us know about those items.

Thank you for your continued participation in Troop 648. We look forward to many great adventures in 2012!

Mr. Benyi