Eagle Sightings

This has been a truly momentous week for T648, as our third and fourth Eagles of the year achieved their wings by passing their boards of review Thursday night.  Not since 1998 and a much younger Mr. Benyi and Mr. Runberg has the troop had as many earn
this accomplishment in a calendar year.  As you may recall, young Mr. Andrews orchestrated an ambitious project benefiting an organization which provided shelter for children whose parents were caught up in immigration issues.  We renovated a backyard ramada and grill area, while also improving their garden areas.  Young Mr. E. Lara organized a project which beautified the Pioneer Village landscaping around the relocated childhood home of Arizona’s first senator.  What terrific community service coordinated by our young leaders, who were then recognized by our council in this outstanding way!  Many congratulations to Mr. Andrews and Mr. Lara on reaching this supreme pinnacle within scouting.

Thanks to all of you who joined us at the Martins’ early in the week for the T648 family meeting moderated by Mr. Benyi as we evaluated how to provide a more comprehensive committee framework of support for our troop.  An overview of requirements and
preliminary roles and responsibilities were outlined, and it was agreed that we will have future monthly meetings at the church during the troop meetings on Tuesday nights to further develop ways for a wider range of parents and interested adults to become more active in the support and direction of the troop.  Those who are interested in providing input, participating in a position, or just understanding more of what T648 is and believes in – you are all welcome to attend.  Please stay tuned to future communications for upcoming meetings.

We have a location for the November outing – Burro Springs Campground!  We have been moving the location due to problems with the original site, and it sounds like the outing team has found a winner.  Burro Springs is a lower elevation riparian wilderness area with a running creek and a hot springs, and will be a great area to do advancement, a 5 mile hike, patrol cooking, and Dutch oven competitions.  All boys and Dads/adult leaders are encouraged to come.  The weather sounds great – low 70’s for the highs, mid 40s for the lows – remember how good that sounded in the midst of a summer stuck in air conditioned buildings waiting for the heat to abate?  News flash – it’s abated!  Come enjoy late fall camping at its best!

It is about this time of year that we traditionally have begun our gift wrapping fundraiser, but we lost our best locations – Borders – to bankruptcy.  After searching various unsatisfactory alternate sites, we have determined that we will not be doing this fundraiser in 2011.  We will be evaluating other opportunities with the Fundraising ASPL and the committee.  Fortunately this is not a year where we are going to Jamboree, Philmont, or an out of council summer camp, but we also recognize that we need to provide ways for the boys to expand their scout accounts for recharter, ski trip and Camp Geronimo.  We will focus on the April Pancake Breakfast, while looking to supplement it with another opportunity or two.

See you Tuesday at the troop meeting, as we prepare for Burro Springs.

Mr. Cole