Merit Badge Counselor sign-up

Good morning.  I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

As I mentioned at the last Troop meeting, I will be collecting the merit badge counselor information for the troop.  My objective is to insure that the Grand Canyon Council has all of the troop merit badge counselors properly registered.  Mr. Benyi has provided a few steps, which are listed below.  Please take care when filling out the application and merit badge forms, as they will be returned, if incomplete. The forms are on the Troop web site under Documents.  There is a fillable Merit Badge Counselor form and an non-fillable Adult leader application.  Even if you have previously registered as an adult leader you must fill out another another  application designating you as a Merit Badge Counselor.  This one is run through the district, not the troop.

-Fill out, print and sign the Merit Badge Counselor form. If you have more than six, write on the back of the sheet or attach a second sheet.

-New Adult Application;

–Sign the background check consent page.

–Include a SSN

–Include a DL#

–Fill out right-hand column with background info, including references.

–Sign the appllication.

–For position write in code “42” Merit Badge Counselor.

–Write “Multiple W/ Troop 648” at the very top center of the page.

Please ensure that your Youth Protection Training is up to date.  I will run a training validation document for the troop and submit it. I will keep hard copies of these documents (in a safe place), which will make it easier for re-processing next year.  E-mail me with any questions that you might have.  Have a great day and enjoy those Turkey sandwiches.

Take care and God Bless…….Mr. Martin