Eggscellent adventures in nogging

Good evening,

I hope that your holiday season is treating you well thus far.  I have had a relaxing evening up until now contemplating my egg nog.  It does make me wonder about egg nog, though.  Now, I certainly know that eggs come from hens, but where do nogs come from?  In fact, what in tarnation IS a nog? (I ask, as I scratch my noggin).  And even if one knew what a nog was, why would one combine it with an egg?  And which came first – the nog or the egg?   If I look at the ingredients, there isn’t anything close to a nog listed – although there is something called ‘guar gum’ – don’t get me started on that!  OK, enough of this – I no longer am scratching my noggin, I am now rubbing my temples with a very large noggin-ache.  (Editorial comment – My wife tells me to tell you that the strongest thing put in our egg nog tonight was nutmeg).  On to much more interesting topics…..

Tomorrow night is our troop meeting.  With so many people out of town, we may not have full patrols in attendance , so come with warm layers to keep our options open for both indoor and outdoor activities.  Remember as well that next week on the 27th we plan to have a reunion of former Eagles from our troop.  Come hear how T648 prepared them for the challenges they face in such varied roles as special forces and big business.  We will be meeting at a location other than Blessed Sacrament for that week only, so stay tuned for further updates on venue.

Thanks to everyone who participated last week in the parents meeting, and especially for the large number of volunteers who will be taking an even more active role in our troop going forward in 2012.  It is your active support that will continue our troop thriving for years to come.  T648’s scouts are very blessed!

May you and your loved ones have a blessed holiday season.

Mr. Cole