South Seattle, Arizona

Good soggy evening!

A reminder to be prepared tomorrow night for the troop meeting.  It will most likely still be wet, and we have been known to have a uniform inspection or a geocaching exercise or two – come rain or shine.  Dress for success – or at least warmly and dryly!

A reminder as well that tomorrow is the parent night during the troop meeting from 7PM to 8:30PM.  We welcome all parents and interested friends of T648 to a discussion on the troop’s organization, events, committee and other key functions as we move into 2012.

I hope that your family plans are coming together nicely for the upcoming Christmas vacation.  If you are remaining in town, please join us on the 27th.  We will have two of our alumni with us that evening, and they will be sharing with us their lives after T648.  It is pretty amazing the kinds of things that a scouting start will bring you!  Come and see – and hear – with the Hawks.

See you tomorrow night!

Mr. Cole