An Ultimate Weekend

On a terrific weekend for scouting, T648 joined troops from all over our district in our glorious spring Camporeee in the booming metropolis of Bumble Bee.  Days began at 5AM with the lowing of free range cows wandering through camp (the website cattle count is wrong, I heard 162 of them), and ended late in the evening as tired young men fell exhausted into their tents.  From an enthusiastic intra-troop tug-of-war, to a most prodigious bowling ball throw, to archery bulls-eyes and hawk over handle hatchet throws, the boys had an outstanding time relating and experiencing and exploring.  The food was tremendous (from Mr. Butler’s jambalaya, to the Wolves’ cherry pineapple upside down cake) as were advancement opportunities undertaken by both some of our oldest and newest scouts.  The climax of the weekend had to have been our senior scouts Pirate Patrol winning the ultimate scout competition, despite feeling that they would be happy with third place after their exhausting completion of the diabolical course designed by none other than our own Mr. Parizek.  Our thanks as well to those of you who represented our troop back in Phoenix at the Blessed Sacrament Golf Tournament Saturday noon, and presented the flag as Mayor Lane of Scottsdale led the Pledge of Allegiance.  These are the weekends that make scouting such a outstanding organization – make sure you are also getting your fair share of putting the ‘out’ back in scouting!

Don’t forget that tomorrow is Patrol Leader Council and our troop meeting.  Come and continue to work on your scout skills to challenge yourself in advancing another rank by our Court of Honor in June.  We will also have the opportunity to explore the details of various interesting careers, even as school is once again already winding down for the year.  This upcoming Saturday is also a very important event – sprucing up the troop shed area at the back of our host churches’ property.  Stay tuned for details from young Mr. Kuhl – we will be beginning early Saturday morning the 5th for a shed painting party, and the more participation we have from the troop, the earlier we will finish, the better the property will look, and we will doing our part in a small way to repay our host organization for their kindness in allowing us to use their back lot for our storage area.  The following Saturday is our backpacking outing to Chevlon canyon – an amazing off-trail experience of bushwhacking through some more of Arizona’s beautiful back country.  Opportunities abound to serve and explore!

Future calendar events include an adult leader meeting on May 7th, an inspiring flag planting service project at the National Veteran’s Memorial cemetery on May 26th, and a canoe outing to Apache Lake on June 8th.  Please remember to schedule your doctor’s appointment and bring your BSA Health Form (it can be obtained on our website under ‘documents’) during May or June.  We should have one for each scout on file in the troop and it is also required in order to participate as a scout or an adult in summer camp at Camp Geronimo in July.

See you tomorrow night!

Mr. Cole