Hot Off the Press….

Holy Heat Wave, Batman!  A T648 biking contingent braved the triple digits yesterday, and got in some mountain biking on the competitive trails in McDowell Mountain Regional Park.  That got me looking ahead to next weekend, but the good news is, it appears that the temps will be coming back down a dozen degrees for our campout up at the Four Peaks District Camporee.  We will have patrol planning on Tuesday for the trip, so bring your menu ideas, and get ready for a weekend packed with camping fun and competition.  And I hear tell, the 19 residents, 45 horses and 161 cattle of Bumble Bee, Arizona have been whipped up into a frenzy to make this an outstanding event!  Please sign up no later than Tuesday night, so the meals and seatbelts can be planned accordingly.  We should be at the church at around 5-5:30 Friday night, and be back shortly after noon on Sunday.  We also ask to have a final count of adult leaders / drivers by Tuesday night, as well, so our volunteer adult camp chef Mr. Butler can size his menus – please sign up or let me know you can come.  For those of you desiring additional details on the site or the Camporee itself, please access the following link:

For those of you not attending Camporee, we have an opportunity to give back to our charter organization and community on Saturday, April 28th.  As a number of you are aware, Blessed Sacrament is holding a charity golf tournament at Stonecreek, and has asked whether a couple of scouts could perform a flag ceremony at the closing lunch around noon on Saturday.  The mayor will be attending, and it is a terrific honor and good visibility for our troop to perform this service.  The problem is that it is during our outing weekend.  I will continue checking with those of you not attending Camporee to determine whether we can accomplish this for our host church.  It would involve leading a flag ceremony, including the Pledge of Allegiance, in your Class A uniform, and would take about an hour or so of your time.  Please let me know if you can perform this service.

It is only two and a half short months until Camp Geronimo!  At this point, those of you attending should have made your merit badge selections with Mr. Benyi, and the third payment of $100 is due this Tuesday.  If you have not scheduled your annual exam with your doctor, and gotten the BSA Health form signed, now is the time to begin that, as well.  All scouts and those adults attending all week need to have signed health forms within the 12 months since last July.  I hope you are also planning on helping with the Great American T648 Shed Clean Out on the 5th, and to experience the amazing Chevlon Canyon backpacking trip on the 11th – 13th.  Google ‘Chevlon Canyon’ and click Images, and you will see the swimming holes, canyons and trees we will be hiking through – lots to look forward to in T648!

See you Tuesday night!

Mr. Cole