On to Geronimo!

Good morning!

As the valley temps continue to soar, a young scout’s thoughts turn to summer camp in the pine forest – swimming, canoeing, shooting, hiking, camping, horseback riding – all wonderful diversions from taking shelter from the scorching sun in yet another video game or rerun.  In less than a week, we will be heading up the Beeline hill to Camp Geronimo.  Let’s cover a few things this morning, and then bring your remaining questions or thoughts and concerns to Tuesday’s meetings (PLC and Troop).  I will also resend via email to each of you the very helpful camp planning document compiled by Mr. Benyi.  If you peruse this document prior to Tuesday, I believe most remaining questions will be at least partially addressed, and we can hit the rest that night.  Additional thoughts:

Food – Troop food will be provided through the camp cafeteria, except for one meal to be prepared in camp on the adult kitchen.  Personal snacks should not be brought by the boys this year due to the number of bear incidents in the greater Payson area.  Bears have not been common in Geronimo, but let’s not encourage an exception this year.  Snacks can be purchased and eaten as desired from the camp store.

Patrols – You each should have been working on patrol yells and finalizing a patrol flag.  If those are not complete, please come prepared to finalize on Tuesday.  Each patrol will need to participate with both during flag ceremonies for our troop to compete for Big G Gold rating this year.

Saturday morning – We will be a bit tight on trailer space as we will be bringing loaner cots for all the boys to use throughout the week.  Please limit clothing / gear to a large duffle bag and a camp chair.  Boys never wear all the underwear and t-shirts packed, anyway J.  Think layering for evening temperatures, and remember that we travel in our dress uniforms – this time including our neckerchiefs and slides.  We ask that you arrive at 7:30AM on the 7th, so that we can depart on-time an hour later.  We will have lots of paperwork, banking, meds, loading, etc. to complete, and we do not want to be late for check-in.

Advancement – Summer camp is an outstanding time to enjoy the out-of-doors, and to pick up a number of the required merit badges in one short week.  Please check to make sure you have taken into account the prerequisites for each of your assigned merit badges.  It is also a time when you have ample time to practice and accomplish skills on your way to rank advancements.  Please bring scout book, compass, map, rope – any of the materials you need, and while you have down time – practice, practice, practice.  You have a large number of captive adults available for help or boards of review, and it is up to you to manage your time wisely.  There will still be amazing amounts of time left over for fun!

Troop clothes – If you need additional red troop t-shirts to last a week, or if you do not have a troop hat, the Andrews’ store will be open Tuesday night and Saturday morning.  Please ensure that all scouts have a hat ($15) with their name in it and multiple troop Class ‘B’s’ ($5)

I look forward to seeing you Tuesday night at 6PM for PLC and at 7PM for the troop meeting.  By the end of the evening, we should have our game plan for the week solidified, and hopefully all your remaining questions answered.   And just think, this time next week we will be walking under the pine canopies up the hill to our  own campsite #16, anticipating the week of fun to come.

Mr. Cole