Sinkhole Outing This Weekend!

As you pack for this weekend’s outing remember that the activities will have you away from base camp for four hours in the morning and for four hours in the afternoon. Please remember to bring your hat, plus water bottles, plus sun block. You will need to reapply sun block throughout the day.

Also remember that it should rain in the late afternoon or evening. As such you should bring rain gear and a way to carry it with you during afternoon activities. It is likely that it will rain on camp at a most inopportune time. Therefore, I encourage you and your patrol leaders to bring rain flies for your tents and to bring at least on Patrol dining fly per patrol.

We will provide maps for the orienteering hike. If you have a compass, please bring it as it will help you to get to and from the objective more quickly and make it easier for you to learns and practice orienteering skills.

We will also have a campfire program. You may want to bring a chair.

We’ve got 27 Scouts who’ve committed to attend including three who will be joining us Midday Saturday after band and football activities. We’ve also got 19 adults coming up. It should be fun?

Yours in Scouting,

Mr. Parizek