A Troop of Transformers!

Good morning,

I have sent out a separate email this morning with pictures from this weekend’s outstanding Eagle Project put together by young Mr. McFetters.  Please let me know if you did not receive it, and would also like to see the transformational nature of the work done Saturday by the troop of turning a hardscrabble church backyard into an oasis for kids who have had little opportunity to play with nice things at all in their difficult lives.  Scouting is often viewed through the outings, but it is at times like this that I become most aware of the leadership development taking place in our sons’ lives due to scouting.  And as I view the photos of the pure joy on those kids’ faces on Sunday, I am extremely thankful for the impact that our troop has in other people’s lives.  Many thanks for all you do!

This coming week continues to be a busy one.  Please join us tomorrow night – troop leadership for Patrol Leader’s Council at 6PM, then for the troop meeting at 7PM.  We’ve completed bike checks for the Granite Basin outing on the 9th – 11th, and we’ll finish up final preparations for the weekend during tomorrow night’s meeting.  Even if you aren’t planning to mountain bike the exceptional trails in the basin, this is a base camp in a terrific setting outside of Prescott.   Please plan to come and join us for hiking, cooking, advancement opportunities, campfires and more in the cool pines high above the valley.  Plan accordingly, the highs will be below 50, and the lows will be dropping below freezing, for a nice crisp change of pace to our warm fall weather.

For our adult leaders, please finish up youth protection training for certification purposes.  We will also have an adult leader meeting from 7-8:15PM at Scottsdale Worship Center on Monday, November 12th.  Please come and help plan support for upcoming outings, youth leadership, and prep for our recruitment activities in 2013.

In this month of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my troop family.  See you tomorrow night at the meeting, and this weekend on the outing!

Mr. Cole