All Aboard the Orient Express

Good evening,

An update on this weekend’s backpack outing.  All scouts should bring their scout books and compass, as map advancement will be the skills focus for this trip.  With the smaller number of scouts on this outing, it is an excellent opportunity for those attending to get plenty of practice in the orienting and orienteering skills for both 2nd and 1st class ranks.  We will be backpacking by some excellent areas to triangulate (Weaver’s Needle anyone?).  And with the 50-in-1 saguaro residing only a mile from our campsite, there is a rumor that the orienteering course will include both a national historical landmark (our sugar sumac tree at Bluff Springs) and the largest cactus in the Sonoran desert.  Not your everyday, run-of-the-mill orienteering course!!

See you at 7AM Saturday morning!

Mr. Cole