Scrub a Dub Dub

Once upon a glorious Saturday morning, fortified with half a day’s saturated fat content per Krispy Kreme doughnut consumed, our scouts tackled the wilderness overcoming our troop shed and trailer.  Thanks to an effort coordinated by the eldest DeAngelis, the troop now has bundled firewood ready for Webelos weekend, a trailer that literally sparkles in the sunlight, and a manicured area surrounding the troop equipment area on the Blessed Sacrament church property.  The dozen and a half members of T648 who attended did an excellent job of transformation and all in short order.  Nicely done, gentlemen.  Keep this talent quietly to yourself, though, or your rooms might be next!

As we head towards Christmas, the troop will uncharacteristically go into a bit of a hiatus, due to Christmas Day and New Years Day falling on Tuesdays this holiday season.  We will need to be exceptionally busy for the next couple of weeks in order to get in our outing, adult, and patrol planning sessions completed before the big ‘freeze.’  Thus, we will need all Patrol Leaders Council members to come to the 6PM meeting Tuesday night to ensure that we have the right meeting and event planning for January completed, and boys continuing to attend December troop meetings to adequately prepare for our upcoming Webelos Weekend on January 11th – 13th.   Each patrol will have a significant role to play in Webelos events for the Webelos, as well as content during the Saturday evening campfire.  We need everyone’s creativity and participation during December.  Many thanks to all ladies who attended the fun get together at Mrs. Yu’s home last week.  We are also holding our regular adult meetings in the upcoming week – a committee and family meeting on Tuesday the 4th, at 7PM at Blessed Sacrament, and an adult leader meeting on Monday the 10th at 7PM at Scottsdale Worship Center.  Please attend to receive information and provide input on 2013’s summer camp, outings, fundraising, service projects, training, and troop equipment.

Summer camp dues begin now!  If you are planning to attend the Colorado Springs area camp, $50 is what we need per youth to begin making our payments to the camp.  Please also remember to bring a blessing of warmth for the homeless to our meeting on the 4th.  Young Mr. McFetters will be taking our gently used blankets, socks, sleeping bags, jackets, gloves and other donations to our new friends at Streets of Destiny homeless church in central Phoenix.  Our outing this month will be a backpack in the Superstitions on the 7th-9th  – and the weather looks to be absolutely gorgeous!  Looking further ahead, we have two festive events to celebrate.  Plan to attend the troop Christmas party at the Turner home on the 27th – all you need to bring is a dessert and a big smile!  And as an amazing Christmas miracle, young Mr. Finnegan has finally scheduled his Eagle Court of Honor.  Please mark your calendar for January 5th at Mountain View Presbyterian Church at Hayden and Mountain View Roads – starting time to follow.

There is no better time of year to be a scout in Arizona!  See you at the troop meeting.

Mr. Cole