Merry Christmas to Troop 648 Family

As we close in on the end of another year I’m struck by what a great group of fine young men we have in Troop 648.  It is time to count our collective blessings and for those of us who have chosen to be involved in Scouting I truly believe we do that more than others.  You see we realize the potential in all young boys who walk through our door and have seen how scouting transforms lives.  This month’s Scouting magazine has an opening letter from our Chief Scout Executive, Mr. Wayne Brock.  In his letter, CSE Brock shared the following words, which he uses to open when he speaks at local organizations or BSA events.


“Every baby boy is evidence that God is not yet discouraged with men.

Every boy is an invitation for us to try again.

And every boy deserves our best efforts.

What kind of boy is he?

Any kind.

His skin may be any color.

He can live in any kind of house.

He may be a healthy, alter youth or one with special challenges.

He can be any kind of boy — but the magic of the uniform gets him off to an even start — and there is a place for him in Scouting.”


As we gear up for Webelos Weekend, let’s keep these words in mind as who know who will walk though the door of Troop 648 and we want to be prepared to accept them for who they are.


On Saturday,  we had 10 scouts and 6 adults show up bright and early at Mr. Kramer’s house to change the flat tire on the canoe trailer.  Each boy was able to spin the wrench or air the tire or jack the jack in this collective effort.  It looks like we will be replacing both tires as they are at the end of their useful life.  Thanks to all who showed up and thanks to Mr. Kramer for allowing the canoe trailer to be parked at this house.  10 scouts to 24 glazed krispy kreme donuts, well you do the math.  Let’s just say there were just crumbs left when we wrapped up at 9:30.

It was the Krispy Kreme Donuts!

It was the Krispy Kreme Donuts!


So no scout meeting on Tuesday, the 24th and no scout meeting on Tuesday the 31st.  We will resume our activities on January 7th (and have a PLC meeting that night as well) as we prepare for Webelos Weekend on January 24/25/26.  Mr. Cole is coordinating efforts around Webelos Weekend and I would ask that we all make a special effort to make ourselves available to support as we look to recruit another round of prospective Boy Scouts into Troop 648.


For those of you taking the Communications Merit Badge class from Mr. Conrad, please print off and review workbooks and the merit badge handbook before the two classes on January 14 and January 21.  If you haven’t already, see Mr. Turner for a blue card.


Please mark your calendars for Mr. Yu’s Eagle Project, which will take place on Saturday, January 11th.  More details will forthcoming from Mr. Yu so stay tuned and let’s have a great turnout to support this fine scout’s Eagle Project!


I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and healthy and prosperous New Year!


Mr. Turner