Webelos Weekend 2014

 The weather was just right, the location couldn’t be better, the food was amazing and the execution was first rate!!


What a glorious weekend at McDowell Mountain Regional Park for our annual Webelos Weekend recruiting effort.  The planning, which Mr. Cole started 6 months ago paid off with some 10 very engaged Webelos showing up and the accolades that followed from their parents and Cub Scout leaders who joined us for the afternoon and evening.  Mr. Patton’s expertise at working with the scouts to put up the monkey bridge Saturday morning was much appreciated as always.  On Saturday our three patrols did a very nice job leading the demonstrations of search and rescue, first aid and first safety / starting.  It was great to see our own 11 year old scouts taking charge and using the BSA EDGE method of teaching (Explain, Demonstrate, Guide and Enable) with the 10 year old Webelo visitors:  how quickly they learned!


Saturday evening was the pinnacle of the weekend with entertainment for everyone.  With the campfire roaring there was enough room for everyone to sit around, talk and laugh and just have a nice evening together.  The skits the each patrol did around the campfire received big laughs and applause.  It never ceases to amaze me what clever little skits these young men developed.  Mr. John Butler was gracious enough to once again come out and provide astronomy presentation with the night sky providing a wonderful real world experience.  And with three of his powerful telescopes set up those who took advantage were able to see stars, planets, constellations and galaxies in the heavens that still hold the attention of young and old alike.


The evening was capped with a flag retirement ceremony, which never fails to somber the crowd as they watch the boys lay a threadbare American flag on the fire for an end to its glorious life.  It was very touching when one of our youngest scouts came up to me as we were lining up to retire flags and asked if he could participate, to which I replied “of course!”  He rounded up a couple of his compadres and they followed the lead of the older scouts without a hitch.  And that is why we love scouting!


I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you about the amazing culinary experience we adults had this weekend.  Mr. Parizek took on the task of combining the requirements for the new cooking merit badge that three of our almost-Eagle Scouts need with the cooking needs of the adult leaders.  And this wasn’t an ordinary cooking effort as there were over 80 mouths to feed Saturday night as a number of parents joined us for the campfire festivities.  Watching Mr. P lead these three young chefs in food prep and safety, cooking, presentation and clean up was a thing of beauty.  I know I speak for all of us as we raise our canteens on a job well done and sincerely appreciated.


Mr. Turner