Spring in Arizona – Scouting Paradise

Happy Easter!  I hope that this weekend has been a happy time filled with great joy, much family time, and good food.  Let the whole world sing His praises, He is risen indeed!

We begin a busy couple of weeks on the scouting calendar – no time like the present to dive back into scouting paradise!  The evenings in Phoenix and the days in the mountains are perfect for all sorts of scouting activities. Tomorrow night is an important time for patrol preparation.  Please attend to plan and provide your input on the patrol menu for this coming weekend’s outing to the Military Sinkhole on the Mogollon Rim close to Willow Springs Lake.  This will also be a good time to begin bringing in your items for your patrol baskets for the auction on May 3rd.  Last week you finalized your patrol themes, and we now have less than two weeks until the event.  That means you still have two weeks to also be selling pancake breakfast tickets.  In addition to benefitting the overall health of your scout account, keep your eye on the real prize – 25 tickets sold yields a fabulous steak dinner put on for all of you top salesmen by master steak chef Mr. Parizek!

Many of you are working on merit badges with Mr. Conrad, Mr. Parizek, Mr. Clapp and Mr. Benyi – tomorrow night would be a good time to checkpoint with them on your status, and what requirements remain.  Summer camp is also coming, please ensure that you are up to date on payments ($300 due so far, $370 due by the end of April), that you have your merit badge requests for the week at Geronimo turned in to Mr. Benyi, and that you are working on getting a current health form completed.  A form from last year signed by the doctor June 22nd or later should still be valid this year, otherwise a new one for all scouts attending summer camp will be needed.

Two weeks of fun and profitable scouting opportunities await.  Then amazingly it is already time to turn your focus to successfully closing out the school year.  See you all tomorrow at the scout meeting!

Mr. Cole