Geronimo Update

Good evening,

I have come down the hill tonight from Camp Geronimo, and have nothing but rave reviews to report on summer camp. The waning gibbons moon has been brilliant, and the 48 degree morning on Sunday was magnificent (but it does give one a shudder while anticipating the 5AM polar bear swim scheduled for tomorrow morning!). Our record of being awarded the ‘bandaid troop’ two years ago at Geronimo appears to be in no jeopardy from us this year, as tons of other troops’ scouts are already experiencing dehydration and other ailments, but the only T648 scout trip to the health lodge so far has been a small cut while doing KP this noon, and only because even a small accident in the kitchen requires such a trip. We performed a service project today hand sawing downed trees into 2 large piles of cord wood so they can be removed due to the fire danger. On Saturday night the troop successfully performed a 90 minute ‘cat eye’ orienteering hike in the pitch dark of the deep forest. Today began merit badge classes, with horse rides, shooting sports, insect study and other fun activities already well under way. It is amazing to watch these young men take pride and ownership in how their campsite and uniforms look, how big a pile of wood we can harvest, how many meals we can serve (704), the skills, the friendships, the tired, good feelings we all have settling down in the evening, and the anticipation of the new day to come upon arising yet again at 5AM. Thank you for sharing your young men for summer camp this year. I can’t wait to go back up the hill and join them for the grand finale later this week.

Mr. Cole