Go for the Gold!

Good morning T648,

Thank you all for your flexibility last week, as our troop meeting ran well into its third hour, outpacing even a very full agenda on the Committee Meeting front. The scouts had a highly interactive CPR class with a trained and very interesting instructor, and as a result of the hundreds of questions they asked, the boys learned a ton of practical information in first aid. What suffered was the timeline. The good news is, none of them were tired for school the next day – the bad news is, all of us employed parents were dragging a bit! Every scout who paid $20 should now have a certified CPR card valid for the next two years. Even more importantly, they have received training in everything from how to handle a drowning infant, what to do with a choking 400 pound man, and all the legalities around how to protect oneself in this crazy suit-happy society. It is amazing to hear her stories of the occasional ungrateful person attempting to take legal advantage of a Good Samaritan’s efforts on their behalf, when the alternative would have been that they might now be dead.

This is an unusually busy summer week again with the troop. We have adult leader meeting at 7PM on Monday night at SWC, our summer court of honor at 7PM on Tuesday night, we are helping with some scouting activities at SWC’s vacation bible school during the week, and then this Saturday, we are heading for the high country and our crowning event for the year – Summer Camp! Anyone without a current medical form should be scheduled to see their doctor this week, and we will look to see those of you heading up the hill bright and early on Saturday morning the 14th. One more in a long line of going for the Gold – Big G Gold, at Geronimo!

See you at the troop meeting!

Mr. Cole