Water Wonderland

Good morning T648,

This past weekend’s backpacking outing was to one of the most fun-filled and beautiful locations in central Arizona. It was not one of the most remote, this time of year, as many local college students and families with children also made the day hike down to the pools and the waterfall below Fossil Springs. Although we didn’t ‘get away from it all,’ we had an excellent weekend of hiking, splashing and advancing. Most boys didn’t even take their packs off on the trip up out of the canyon, and we were amazingly back at the church before noon wondering why we had rushed to return to the heat. Multiple scouts expressed a desire to return next year – if it makes the PLC calendar, I would highly recommend you make every effort to attend this energizing hike, and refreshing water wonderland.

Tonight is PLC at 6PM, followed by CPR training during the troop meeting at 7PM. Please bring $20 to renew your card for another two years. In parallel, also at 7PM, we will also be having the troop quarterly parent and committee meeting. Join troop adult leadership for an up-to-the minute status on preparations for summer camp, beginning in less than two weeks on June 14th at Camp Geronimo. The following week is the adult leader meeting at 7PM on June 9th at Scottsdale Worship Center in the Board Room, followed by our Summer Court of Honor at 7PM on June 10th at Blessed Sacrament in the Social Hall. Come witness the recent achievements of many of our scouts in preparation for camp.

See you at the troop meeting!

Mr. Cole