Celebrating Troop and Country

Happy Fourth of July! I hope that you have had a festive time with your families, complete with celebrations, fireworks, and reunion dinners, while also taking time to give thanks for our many freedoms. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, right up there with the freedom not to listen. Better not get too used to that latter freedom, however, as summer is officially more than half way over. Scottsdale Schools are back in session in exactly one month, and listening with comprehension will again become exceedingly important to the ranking of one’s scholastic standing!

In the meantime, we have opportunities to gather as a troop, listen to each other’s meeting ideas, and prepare for our July outing. Tuesday night is our PLC meeting at 6PM – remember that all PLC members are to bring two brainstorming ideas for a meeting agenda to flesh out further at the PLC session. At 7PM is the troop meeting – which will be an overview / training on how to plan a troop meeting, presented by the two Jeorling brothers. Next week, on the evening of the 14th at 7PM will be an adult leader meeting at Scottsdale Worship Center. Our outing this month will be a base camp with hiking and advancement at the Lava Tubes. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to experience them, they are tunnels formed through ancient lava flow that travel ¾ of a mile below the surface of the ground up northwest of Flagstaff. At points the ceiling is 20 feet high, at other points, you crawl on your stomach to get through the narrows. It is an exciting, dark, cold trip underground, and is really unlike any other cave / cavern I have been to. I hope that all of you in town the weekend of the 18th – 20th are planning to attend.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all on the 8th. This will also officially be the evening that we will transition Mr. McFetters into his new role as the 7th Scoutmaster in our illustrious history. Please come and provide a warm T648 welcome to Scoutmaster McFetters!

Mr. Cole