Recap of Recent Outings!

Hello Troop 648

I wanted to provide a quick recap on a few recent outings. We have been a very busy troop with a lot of fun activities. Specifically:

Philmont Training Hike #1: 

Our first training hike for the 2018 Philmont crew was January 13th. Mr. Benyi led a crew of 5 scouts (Zane G, Aidan B, Zach R, Eric A and Michael M) and four other adults (Andy G, Joe B, Jody A and myself) on a 9.5 mile hike in the McDowell Mountains. We had a great time and looking forward to the next training hike!

Mormon Lake Campout, January 19-21, 2018

From Mr. Copley, one of the adult leaders on our most recent outing:

14 scouts and 3 adults left a very temperate Scottsdale and headed out for our annual ‘Winter Campout,’ this year to Mormon Lake, east of Flagstaff.  When we arrived at the campsite, NO SNOW and not very cold.  Based on the forecast, we knew this was not going to last.  The tents were put together in the dark and the scouts were warned that some big winds were coming.
True to their word, at 2am big winds came through signaling the start of the winter campout!  The snow started right after we woke up and didn’t stop for the next 18 hours.  After a short time sledding, the whole group headed off to Flagstaff Extreme, a ropes and treetop canopy course.  9 scouts and 2 adults attacked the Extreme course as 5 scouts set off for a day of play in the snow.  All had a blast!  Congratulations goes to Cameron C, David Y, Liam B and Zach R for finishing the course on what was, according to the guides, the ‘hardest day possible!’
Back to Mormon Lake for a lunch/dinner with the group.  Two scouts completed rank advancement – Michael D to Tenderfoot and Arjun B to Second Class.  Snow continued after we all went to bed. Fresh snow berms surrounding our tents, 16ËšF and clear skies greeted us Sunday morning. We packed up and headed down to the Valley.  It was fun to watch the accumulated snow blow off the car on our way down!!
Thank you to Aidan B for leading such a great campout!!
—Mr. Copley
Yes Virginia, there IS snow in AZ!!
And I would like to add a great big thank you to each of the four adults that helped – Mr. Copley, Mr. Brown and Mr. Carson who all stayed and braved the weather and snowy conditions and to Mr. Blair who towed the trailer up Friday night and back again home on Sunday. We cannot have these awesome opportunities for our scouts without the help and commitment from our adults. Thank you all!
Scoutmaster T648