Weekend Outing Update and a few Requests

Hello Troop 648

We have a very exciting outing planned this weekend to Mormon Lake (Flagstaff area). The following are some last minute details/requests:

  • Aidan Brown has done a great job organizing, so thanks Aidan!
  • We currently have the following adults attending:
    • Dave Brown, James Copley, Charlie Carson
  • If you are planning to attend and aren’t on this list, please let me know as soon as you can.
  • Additionally, we really need to have a few more adults attend and have current needs:
    • IMMEDIATE NEED: we need an adult to pull the trailer. Any volunteer?
    • IMMEDIATE NEED: Adults, you will need to coordinate your meals, so for those going, please take some time to figure out who will be doing what.
    • IMMEDIATE NEED: currently we stand at 15 total, which means we will need 15 seat belts. If all three adults are able to drive and can fit at least 4 scouts, we would have the right number. Dave, James, Charlie, can you confirm if you can drive and your total # of seat belts?
  • Scouts attending:
    • Aidan B, Cameron C, Ryan B, Michael D, Will S, Stephan B, Chaz C, Zach R, Ian A, Eric A, Drew A (maybe), Jacob H
  • The boys will work on their menus tonight
  • A quick review of the forecast shows that there is a potential for snow (yay!) on Saturday. Also, the high on Sat will be 32ËšF and the low Sat night is expected to be 13ËšF. It’s going to be cold, but manageable. We just need to make sure the boys have plenty of layers, and a jacket, winter boots, gloves, hats, appropriate sleeping bags, etc. Parents, it is crucial that you do not let your Scout out the door on Friday without appropriate cold weather gear. If you have any questions, please let me know.
  • Parents, please also remember to print and complete the Outing Permission form – click here
  • Aidan has locked down the location and reserved spots for us to camp. This will be very helpful as we have an area all set aside for us.
  • I believe there are a couple scouts that are looking to go to Flagstaff Extreme, so attending adults, that will have to be coordinated.

Probably a few other things I’m missing or to be worked out. Biggest concern is # of adults/drivers and the trailer. Please let me know if you are planning to attend and if we have anyone willing to pull the trailer puller.

See you soon,

Scoutmaster T648