Emergency Preparedness Requirement 7a Invite

Attention Troop 648. The Scottsdale Department of Emergency Management will be conducting a Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) program that culminates into a full-scale disaster drill. In the past they have used local Boy Scout Troops to assist with the exercise as simulated victims and runners. It’s a key aspect of the exercise, and the scouts often have a good time as that get made up with various injuries and get to play victims, then be rescued by the students who have completed the 6-week program. The upcoming class will be doing their disaster drill on March 24th. It will start early in the morning that day and go into the early afternoon. This activity helps to fulfill a very hard to coordinate and accomplish requirement for the Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge (Eagle Required) – Section 7a.
They will also do some basic fire safety with the Scouts, and teach them how to extinguish a fire with fire extinguishers. The fire is live, and controlled, but gives them a good opportunity to see how well they work to put out a small fire.

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Troop 648 Merit Badge Coordinator