2020 Pancake Breakfast

Dear Troop 648 Scout Families:

It’s that time of year!  While it is only February, April 25th will be here before you know it!  For those of you new to the troop, this means our Annual Pancake Breakfast and Silent Auction – Troop 648’s largest fundraiser of the year.  The Scouts really need your help and support to make this a success.  

Date:                 Saturday, April 25, 2020

Time:              7:00 am – 10:30 am

Location:      Chaparral Christian Church

                             6451 E. Shea Boulevard

                             Scottsdale, AZ

We all know that “many hands make for light work!” 

Patrol Baskets: 

Jody Achor is the parent in charge of working with patrols on their Patrol Baskets.  An email will be sent outlining what is needed to make the patrol baskets a success.  Patrol Baskets are a huge success so let’s keep the tradition of excellence going! Please refer to her email if you have any questions. 

Silent Auction Items:

We have a team of parents working together to prepare the Silent Auction.  Barbara Starr is the main contact leading up to the Auction as she has much experience in this arena. Barbara can be reached via email at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Scouts are encouraged to solicit or donate items to be included in the Silent Auction.  In years past Scouts have been very successful in soliciting donations (gift certificates, goods and services) from local area restaurants, shops and service providers.  Last year we even had artwork donated to auction. The ideas are endless….tickets to sporting events, hotel stays, concerts, music lessons. 

Please find two attachments to this email. The first is the donation request letter.  I would suggest having your son practice his “spiel” prior to entering a business.  Use this letter as a guide to solicit donations.  The second attachment is a donor tax deduction form that you give to the business once they agree to make a donation.  This letter (which is on T648 letterhead and includes the 501(c)3 number) is usually a key factor and often essential when trying to procure donations.  Make several copies of these to hand out.  Last but not least, be sure your Scout wears his clean class A uniform when he plans to solicit donations.

Please be aware that we are not able to accept alcoholic beverage items or tobacco products as auctions items.  It is against BSA policy. 

Auction items will be displayed for silent bidding during the event.  Scouts will receive a percentage of the purchase price for each item they secure or donate.  Funds raised will go directly to their individual Scout accounts. Their Scout account funds can be used to pay for Scout related items such as summer camp, new uniform items they grow out of, camping equipment, etc. 

***New this year – Marketing Display.  In keeping with the spirit of “many hands make for light work,” we are requesting support from all families who secure auction items for help in creating the display.  Each auction item has an 8 x 10 marketing display that fits in a frame and a bid sheet on the table.  We are asking you to create the 8 x 10 marketing display to garner attention and make bidders excited enough to bid on your item.  This display can include photos, menus if for a restaurant, logos, ticket details, be on color paper or anything you come up with to make an eye-catching marketing display.  It should be on an 8 x 10 paper that can be inserted into the display frame.  You do not have to make bid sheets and these will be printed for you.

As you received your donated items please bring them to the upcoming Scout meetings.  We will gather the items in preparation for the auction by creating bid sheets in advance.    


Pancake Breakfast Wish List Items:

If you wish to make a donation to the pancake breakfast the troop would appreciate gift cards to Wal-Mart, Target and Costco.  This will allow the committee to purchase items like plastic ware, paper plates, napkins, etc.  

Our imminent need will be commitments to help set up on the evening prior to the breakfast (Friday, April 24th in the evening) and the morning of Saturday, April 25th. Please ink this into your schedule and look for more emails to come outlining what we may need.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Jody Achor


[email protected]