OdySea, Butterfly Wonderland, USS Arizona

To lessen pressure on finals and holiday preparations, T648 scouts elected to trial a one-day December outing in Scottsdale rather than two Arizona nights somewhere in nature.  Beginning with a somber trip around the USS Arizona Memorial at Talking Stick, it was sobering to imagine the number of families impacted by one long ago horrific morning in Pearl Harbor.  After that, it was a glorious day of wandering through swarms of butterflies while looking for chickens and bunnies, followed by observing and interacting with (and petting?!?) sea creatures like stingrays and sharks.  Not much scout skill advancement was accomplished (nary a knot nor first aid effort were thankfully required), but fun was had by all.  The general consensus was this successful day outing concept might be considered for an occasional future finals-filled month (perhaps a May day-trip to Sedona’s Slide Rock).

Thinking back to December 7, 1941 and the men of USS Arizona
Dude! These 3-D glasses are Old School!
Getting the hang of butterfly attraction
Hmmm, don’t koi come and sit on your finger, too?
All this butterfly action makes a man HUNGRY
If fish don’t fly to my hand like a butterfly, my hand will come to them!
A guy can stay away from gaming only so long – bring on the VR fish!
T648 was here – in lights!
The disappointment of football linemen discovering that butterflies prefer backfields
Less intimidating football players have the magic touch!