Patrol Outing

Thank you to all those who helped at the Court of Honor this last Tuesday.  We had a lot of fun and I believe that it was a successful evening.  Congratulations to Mr. McFetters, Mr. Finnegan,  Mr. Parizek and Mrs. Lara for receiving their awards from the Council this past week.  Just as a reminder I will have all those fliers and sign up sheets available at the meeting next week.

I will also remind you that we will not be meeting at the church on Tuesday evening.  This is the week of our first monthly Patrol Outing.  I realize that I was a little late  distributing our newly formatted Patrol Outing request form, so lets ensure that we use the form in the future.  Having mentioned that, I would appreciate an e-mail from the Patrols with the details of your outing this week.  As a reminder it does not have to occur on Tuesday.  You can schedule it any time prior to Monday.

Take care and God bless…….Mr. Martin