5/15 Pancake Breakfast

This coming Saturday, May 15th is the annual T648 Pancake Breakfast and Silent Auction. Set-up and cooking begin at 6AM, doors open to the public at 7AM, doors close at 10AM and we should be out of there shortly after 11AM. This is our primary fundraiser for the year, and the boys will benefit by having $$ applied to their Scout Accounts based upon their level of participation. Boys will earn $$ from the tickets they sell, and from the number of hours they work Saturday morning. Revenues will come from the ticket sales and the auction proceeds minus expenses (which again will be minimal, due to the meat donation arranged for by the McFetters family, the tickets obtained by Mr Parizek, the labor of love from the boys and the auction committee in assembling the auction items, and the dry goods supplied by the Knights of Columbus). Please ensure that the scouts come wearing their Class B uniforms to work the breakfast, and that your family comes to enjoy breakfast and to browse the auction items. It’ll be a lot of fun, and will turn out to be quite a profitable endeavor for your son!