Happy Halloween T648!

This has been a relatively quiet week in the troop, perhaps the calm before the gathering storm of activity leading up to the end of the year.  I know a number of you are diligently working on advancements – various projects and requirements to move to the next rank.  Remember to leverage your leadership – both boy and adult – for anything you need as you continue to invest in your greatest resource – yourself!

Tomorrow night we will have Patrol Leaders Council at 6PM, followed by our troop meeting.  All boys in the PLC should attend, as it helps to develop much stronger programming when the entire team is engaged.  This coming weekend the Honor Patrol Royals and wild cards from last year get their just desserts, and embark on a whirlwind tour of Disneyland, California Adventure, and Club 33 from dawn til dusk.  For those of you not on the trip this time, a patrol who shows up wearing complete uniforms and participates in as many troop events as possible during the year – that is the secret sauce formula for winning honor patrol next year and having the same opportunity in the fall of 2012!

Looking further ahead, we have the adult troop committee meeting at the Martins’ home on Monday, 11/7 at 7PM.  All parents or adults looking for information or wanting to provide input into the re-development of the troop committee are encouraged to attend.  Please RSVP to Mr. Benyi by 11/3.  For the Brown’s Peak base camp  scheduled for November 18-20, the outing team is looking to optimize at a new location to give us the best opportunity for safety and fun in one of the best times of year to camp in our local riparian wilderness areas.  Please plan to attend – no backpacks, bikes or canoe paddles required – a good old-fashioned chuck box camp full of advancement opportunities awaits!

As you scour the neighborhood tonight in search of the perfect candy bar, or to obtain a gunny sack that is full to overflowing with goodies, remember to treat those you meet with respect even as you trick or treat them!  And stay safe – we would like all ghoul and goblin scouts in one piece for troop meeting tomorrow!

Mr. Cole