Eagle Alert!

High in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane – no, it really IS a bird….  This week young Mr. Frank became Troop 648’s 36th Eagle Scout as he sat for and passed his Board of Review.  Mr. Frank really earned this award – the week before his well-planned Eagle Project, the  board member he had been working with left the charity, and the board chairman decided to take the Luv Shack Horse Rescue in a different direction than what the former board member had planned with our young Mr. Frank.  After an evening of frustration and desperation, Mr. Frank steeled himself and went back to work with his new contact, the chairman.  In less than a week, he developed and then executed a completely different, and equally impressive project.  This past week the Eagle Board agreed that young Mr. Frank has  exhibited the characteristics required in an Eagle Scout – and we in Troop 648 heartily agree.  Congratulations!  Many thanks go out to the adult leaders who sat on other Eagle Boards Thursday night, as well as the adult members of our troop who invested in themselves and the troop by attending Woodbadge training at R-C scout camp this week.  The tremendous on-going support provided to our youth by such a large number of committed adult leaders is amazing!

This Tuesday night we have patrol leader training at 6PM, followed by the Troop meeting at 7PM.  Please have your 2012 recharter dues payments for Mr. Benyi, who will be given a reprieve from Nogales and be joining us to answer any questions you may have.  We will be heading out for Parson Springs on an 8 mile roundtrip backpack this coming weekend, so part of Tuesday’s meeting focus will be on outing preparation.  Please see a boy leader or an adult if you have questions about the trip, or about equipment, clothing or food required for the outing.  On backpacks, everybody packs for themselves, but items such as tents, water purification and stoves can be shared to lighten individual loads.  For those of you new to backpacking, we also have a limited amount of loaner equipment.  The weather looks to be outstanding, and the hike will be of moderate difficulty, so everyone of all ages should have an excellent time.

Stay tuned for a number of upcoming events – the Crime Prevention merit badge is still scheduled for this Thursday night.  Mr. Conrad may have a conflict, so if you are planning to attend, please stay tuned – there is a possibility of needing to reschedule.  We also have the troop trip to the Musical Instrument Museum hosted by young Mr. Harness on the 22nd and the 2010-2011 Royals Honor Patrol trip to California on 11/4-6.  The next adult meeting will be an all-troop adult meeting to present the development of a more formalized committee framework, and this is currently targeted for early November.

See you at the Troop Meeting!

Mr. Cole