Troop Committee Meeting


We are going to have a Troop Committee Meeting and you are invited!

Who should attend?

a)      Current members of the Troop Committee.
b)      Adults/Parents interested in joining the Committee.
c)       Parents who are interested in how the Troop operates.

Why are we having it now?

a)      After eight years of service to the Troop, Casey Huston is stepping down as Committee Chair and I am going to take on the position going forward. This will be an opportunity to thank Casey for his long term of dedicated service to the Troop and also to look forward to the needs of the Troop in the future.

What is our goal for the meeting?

a)      We have some committee positions that we need to fill. The Troop is at its best when the families are involved. Please plan to attend and learn about opportunities to serve. Please don’t let this scare you off; we are not conscripting anyone at this point!
b)      We will set the agenda for future Committee Meetings.
c)       I will publish a full agenda in about a week.

When is the meeting being held?

a)      The meeting will be held on Monday, November 7, 2011 at 7:00pm. (Subsequent meetings will be held concurrent with the regular Tuesday Troop meetings.)

Where is the meeting being held?

a)      This first meeting will be held at Mr. Frank Martin’s house. (Thank you Frank and Sherry!)
b)      The address is in the roster.
c)       (Subsequent meetings will be held at the Church in a room adjacent to the Troop meeting.)

I hope that you will plan to join us as we look into the future for the Troop. If you are planning to attend, would you kindly send me an email to confirm by November 3, 2011? I would like to get a count of how many chairs that we will need.

Thank you!
Jacob R Benyi