Summer Camp Reminders


Troop 648 will be attending Camp Geronimo for Summer Camp July 8 – July 15. This will be a great opportunity to get out of the heat, earn merit badges, and have fun!

There are still a number of people who have not confirmed with me if your son is attending camp or not. If you could please let me know one way or the other, I would appreciate it. (There is still time to sign up if you want!)

Also, we are collectively behind on our payments and need to get caught up ASAP! Per the payment schedule, everyone should be paid to $200 by the end of March. (Total cost of camp is $395.) I strongly encourage everyone to get caught up, as it will start to impact our ability to sign up for Merit Badges. Please bring checks tonight if you can; you can give them to Mr. McFetters or myself. If you want to use your scout account, please let me know.

Thank you!

Mr. Benyi